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Maximizing experiences for Blugolds

In today’s economy, the reality is that tuition and state funding fall short when it comes to providing your Blugold student with the best educational experiences. The Parents Fund is another way to support transformational learning at UW-Eau Claire - experiences that go above and beyond those covered by tuition dollars. Annual gifts from parents and other family members of UW-Eau Claire students go a long way to support hardworking students with high-impact academic experiences and scholarships.

You may be asking, “Why should I contribute to the Parents Fund? I already pay tuition.” We know higher education is an investment that can be challenging for many families. However, by pursuing a college education at UW-Eau Claire, your child has made an important step toward a bright future. According to, UW-Eau Claire ranks second (only behind UW-Madison) among all UW System schools in salary potential. We attribute this to the high-impact learning experiences that are offered here. These experiences often lie outside the traditional classroom and office hours, and are made possible by donors who passionately support UW-Eau Claire. Your son or daughter will graduate with the distinction of earning a degree from UW-Eau Claire, a university that is nationally recognized for academic excellence.

Contribute to your student’s success.

Gifts to the Parents Fund, along with other unrestricted gifts from alumni and friends, help support:

  • the UW-Eau Claire Blugold Family Connection program
  • student scholarships and fellowships
  • faculty/student collaborative research projects
  • international study opportunities for students
  • professional and curriculum development initiatives for faculty
  • Honors Program courses.
  • awards for outstanding faculty and staff.
  • additional opportunities for enhanced teaching and learning as they arise.

Gifts of any amount matter to the UW-Eau Claire student experience. All gifts have the power to make a difference.

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donated to the Parents Fund from Blugold parents


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The years of support given to my daughter currently attending UW-Eau Claire are helping her find a pathway to a fulfilling career in the medical field. Thank you.

Current donor to the Parents Fund
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