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Annual gifts build the future of the university

There is a powerful fusion of people, programs and places at this university. Gifts to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation support people who make a difference in their respective fields, innovative educational programs and state-of-the-art resources that enhance learning and prepare students to be global citizens. UW-Eau Claire depends on the generosity of those who sustain our campus and enhance the value of a Blugold degree.

Year after year, your gifts become the future of the university. You provide the margin of excellence that sets UW-Eau Claire apart. Your gift, whatever its size, makes a significant impact in guaranteeing quality Blugold experiences for future generations of students.

  • Make a Gift to the Excellence Fund
  • The Impact of the Excellence Fund

    Annually, the Foundation provides nearly $8 million to the university, much of it coming from individual gifts of $50 or $100 to the Excellence Fund. The Excellence Fund is the primary unrestricted fund that supports the university’s greatest needs and can provide maximum value when those needs arise. Your gift to the Excellence Fund has the power to support students' individual experiences that distinguish the UW-Eau Claire degree.

    The following are just a few areas of campus that benefit from the support of the Excellence Fund:

    • Annual support for student scholarships and fellowships
    • Faculty/student collaborative research opportunities
    • International study abroad and domestic immersion experiences for students
    • High-impact learning opportunities such as internships, service learning projects and field experiences
    • University Honors Program
    • Professional and curriculum development initiatives for faculty

    Whether your generosity is sparked by an email, letter in your mailbox, or meaningful conversation with one of our Student Development Representatives, your support is making an impact in the lives of students, faculty and our community.

    Girl holding sign that says: "Because of you, I can impact the community!"

    Give to the Excellence Fund

    Thank you for considering a gift to the UW-Eau Claire Excellence Fund. The Excellence Fund steps in where tuition and state funding fall short and provides invaluable learning opportunities and support for students at UW-Eau Claire.

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    Give to Dollars for Blugold Scholars

    These competitive scholarships support deserving students who wish to become Blugolds but need additional financial assistance to attend UW-Eau Claire. Your gift increases available scholarships to both freshmen and returning students.

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    "Knowing that I can make a difference in a student's education by giving any amount that I can is why I give. I give to provide resources that make getting a college education more achievable.” —Annual donor

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