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Board of Directors

Serving the Foundation

The Board of Directors plays an essential role for UW-Eau Claire Foundation. Board members serve to strengthen the Foundation’s ties to the community while they build partnerships, steward the resources of the Foundation, and plan strategic development for future excellence.

Officers 2021-22

President: Kimera Way
Chair: Keith Donnermeyer
Vice Chair: Eric Wan
Secretary: Christine Smith
Assistant Secretary: Michele Olson and Kerry Kincaid
Treasurer: Brandon Riechers
Assistant Treasurer: Coby Kohn, Patti Lien and Lori Maassen
Past Chair: Andrew Burish

Foundation Board 2021-22

Timothy Ball '91
Stillwater, MN

Andrew Burish '81
Madison, WI

Michael Carney '83*
Eau Claire, WI

Jason Craig '00
Eau Claire, WI

Keith Donnermeyer '75
Greenwich, CT

Todd Eberhardt '89
Orono, MN

Brian Elwood '95
Hudson, WI

Chops Hancock
Eau Claire, WI

Jane Johanos '76
Estero, FL

Jeff Johnson '99
Berwyn, PA

Daniel Kincaid
Eau Claire, WI

Kerry Kincaid '93
Eau Claire, WI

Coby Kohn '87*
Eau Claire, WI

Jeffrey Lang '77
Yorktown, IN

Jeffrey Liddicoat '81
Ripon, WI

Patti Lien
Eau Claire, WI

Erik Lundberg '84
Ann Arbor, MI 

Lori Maassen*
Eau Claire, WI

Sharon Masek
Almena, WI


Jill Muenich '88
Fitchburg, WI

Regi Munro '89
Chandler, AZ

Michele Olson '99*
Eau Claire, WI

Scott Peterson '90
Maple Grove, MN

Kelli Quinn '96
Woodstock, GA

Mary Jo Quinn '77
Arlington Heights, IL

Brandon Riechers '98, '03, '17
Eau Claire, WI

James Schmidt*
Eau Claire, WI

Suzanne Schmidt '83
Oconomowoc, WI

Raymond Skwierczynski '84
Andover, MA

Christine Smith '87
Waunakee, WI

Bill Sparkes '99
Eau Claire, WI

Angela Pittman Taylor '00
Milwaukee, WI

Christina Thrun '03**
Eau Claire, WI

Kimberly Underwood '84
Lakeville, MN

Eric Wan '96
Agoura Hills, CA

Kimera Way*
Eau Claire, WI

Jason Wudi '01
Eau Claire, WI

Kaying Xiong '96
Eau Claire, WI

*ex-officio/non-voting member
**President of the Alumni Association

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