Blugold Real Estate

Changing for the better

Blugold Real Estate Foundation, Inc. is the legal owner of all real estate acquired for the benefit of UW-Eau Claire. Blugold Real Estate was organized by the UW-Eau Claire Foundation in 2015 and is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Blugold Real Estate was created to serve as a supporting organization for the UW-Eau Claire Foundation to receive gifts of real estate, purchase and develop real estate, and/or hold real estate for investment or future development that will benefit the university.

Blugold Real Estate Projects

Blugold Real Estate is currently involved with the development of the Confluence Project, which includes Haymarket Landing and the Pablo Center, and the Sonnentag Event and Recreation Complex. Completed projects include Aspenson Mogensen residence hall, as well as the Priory, which houses the UW-Eau Claire Children’s Nature Academy and the Priory residence hall.

Officers 2017-18

Executive Director: Kimera Way
President: Neil Lipinski ‘80
Vice President: Charlie Bauer
Secretary: Terry McMahon ‘78
Treasurer: Coby Kohn ‘78

Board of Directors + Officers

Tim Hoeppner, ’82 , Director
Arlington Heights, IL, Real Estate Manager, MacArthur Foundation

William "Chops" Hancock , Director
Winona, MN, Retired

Steve Semingson '68 , Director
Huntington Beach, CA, President, Civic Partners Inc.

George F. Stroebel '74 , Director
Chair, Foundation Board of Directors
Minneapolis, MN, Chief Financial Officer, CommunityLeader Inc.

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