Blugold Emergency Support Fund

Blugolds Helping Blugolds

Help UW-Eau Claire students, faculty and staff in crisis. The Blugold Emergency Support Fund provides immediate financial support for emergency financial situations such as a medical condition, housing difficulty or family tragedy.

Together we can step in to help when a student or colleague needs it most by:

  • Helping students with serious medical conditions continue their education. 
  • Providing travel assistance for Blugolds visiting family members during a time of tragedy. 
  • Assisting with housing for students when they have no place to go.

Show Blugolds you’ll do what it takes to help them succeed. Give now.

P.E.O. supports Foundation funds

P.E.O. supports Foundation funds

Local P.E.O. chapters have provided nearly $15,000 in funding for scholarships and emergency assistance for UW-Eau Claire women students over the past 25 years.

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The Riff-Off at UW-Eau Claire

The event offers a way for the popular musical groups to team up and give back to organizations they are passionate about. The groups will perform for audience votes (extra donations) with all of the proceeds being split evenly among charities.

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Even though I was far away and going through all this, I knew the university was supporting me in some way. I knew they were taking care of me. It's like having your family backing you up.

Lidixe Montoya, student recipient of Blugold Emergency Support Fund dollars
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