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Welcome to the 2024 UW-Eau Claire Foundation Calendar

This webpage provides a digital supplement to the annual UW-Eau Claire Foundation calendar and annual report.

The printed calendar is one of our most wide-reaching projects each year. We send 90,000 copies of it across the U.S. to alumni and friends of UW-Eau Claire and hope that you enjoy flipping through to explore the campus scenes that are both familiar and new. As our campus has transformed, so too has the mechanisms we have for sharing information.

A more functional calendar

This year's calendar provides a more functional tool for you to utilize; larger date squares, peeks of the prior and upcoming month, and major holidays are all helpful references to keep you organized while also sharing a glimpse into campus life and what we hope is your fondness for the stunning images of Wisconsin's Most Beautiful Campus.

To provide this more functional calendar, we've changed the way that we use it to share information. The quotes from students and alumni throughout the calendar provide a glimpse into the impact that the UW-Eau Claire Foundation is having on students whose experiences are transformed through the direct support of scholarships, additional funding for their academic programs, and enhanced experiences like research and immersion experiences. 

Dynamic webpage content, enhanced each month

This webpage will serve as a dynamic way of providing additional information about the impact highlighted in the calendar. Print deadlines for a 2024 calendar mean that the content we share has to be created more than a year ahead of time (in the case of December 2024). Shifting more of our content online means that we can provide the most updated information, campus news and stories, and features of students who are using their UW-Eau Claire education to wholly develop themselves for the experiences they'll have following their graduations.

We hope you'll revisit this page throughout the year -- perhaps on the first day of each month when you switch from one page of the calendar to the next -- to explore the enhanced content and extended story-sharing that the online platform enables us to share. 

Schofield Hall in the background of snowy wild grasses.

2022-23 Annual Report

The UW-Eau Claire Foundation is an independent, tax-exempt organization that helps alumni, friends and donors provide financial support for academic, cultural and professional programs at UW-Eau Claire that cannot be maintained through state funds and tuition alone.

In addition to the beautiful calendar featuring photos of the people and places of UW-Eau Claire, the publication serves as the 2022-2023 annual report for UW-Eau Claire Foundation, Inc. and UW-Eau Claire. The university's revenue expenditures show that nearly a quarter of funding for the university comes gifts, grants, and loan funds. A large portion of this comes from the Foundation's disbursements across the university, including more than $7 million of support during FY23. We're so proud to be the stewards of donors' funds to support the people and programs of UW-Eau Claire and make a big impact on students.  

  • UW-Eau Claire Foundation Annual Report
  • UW-Eau Claire Revenue and Expenditures
  • Give to UW-Eau Claire Foundation The work of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation would be impossible without the financial contributions of thousands of alumni, community members, faculty and staff, and friends of the university each year. With more than 2,000 fund choices for what your gift will support, we know that your contribution will make an impact on the Blugold experience for students of today and tomorrow.
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