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Musical Performances

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UW-Eau Claire offers a variety of performance ensembles that are open to any university student. Performance opportunities include choirs, chamber ensembles, concert bands, orchestras, jazz combos and ensembles, musicals, operas and a contemporary music ensemble. The student ensembles, which have all received recognition for their high level of performance, have a long tradition in the music program.

Our music program has a tradition of offering unique educational opportunities at an undergraduate level. Students have the chance to perform in a full opera or opera scenes every semester, and exceptional undergraduate students even have the opportunity to conduct large ensembles and full opera productions. With appropriate performance practice, symphony orchestra students are even able to perform in a non-conducted chamber orchestra that approaches Baroque repertoire. Students also perform alongside faculty members in a contemporary music ensemble.

The band program offers three wind bands and provides rich ensemble experiences for over 250 students each semester. The bands have performed at regional, national and international conferences and venues since their inception in 1922. Annually, the bands collaborate with guest conductors and composers, and frequently provide reference recordings for composers around the world. Students participate in a diverse range of performances, ranging from standard repertoire to world premieres.

The UW-Eau Claire voice and choral area has had a successful and popular history since the formation of the institution. With six ensembles and over 400 members, choral ensembles frequently collaborate with the University Orchestra to perform choral masterworks, engage with guest conductors, and go on annual performance tours.

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The needs in the department of music and theatre arts can range from one choral composition to technology and props for an entire production. The amount of support needed depends on the size of the ensemble and/or the number of resources required for the performance. With a variety of campus performance ensembles comes a variety of needs. Here are just a few of the performance areas you can impact:

Wind Symphony

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UW-Eau Claire students are passionate about music — thank you for considering a gift to help purchase music for the ensembles at UW-Eau Claire.

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The composition major at UW-Eau Claire has exposed me to a side of music I hadn’t known before attending the school. The composition faculty and Contemporary Music Ensemble have been a cornerstone of my education here.

Austin Williams Music Composition
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