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Blugolds are not defined solely by one discipline or profession. The diversity of the College of Arts and Sciences allows students to explore their multiple passions and become well-rounded. They experience the opportunity of discovery and encouragement on their path to learning. Plus they have the skills employers want: creativity and critical thinking, flexibility and focus, courage and confidence.

More than a major

With a wide range of departments and programs, the College of Arts and Sciences provides engaging liberal education, unique local and global academic opportunities, supportive faculty and academic resources. Students can explore nearly 50 majors, more than 20 minors, 10 plus pre-professional programs and over 20 certificates — all of which lead to a transformative educational experience.  

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  • Scholarships 
  • Internships
  • Undergraduate research
  • Study abroad and global learning
  • Labs, study centers and other academic resources
  • Concerts and theatre performances
  • Faculty support and initiatives

Your gift, of any size, helps Blugolds expand their knowledge and develop essential skills — such as critical thinking, communication, decision making and problem solving — that prepare them for success no matter where they go or what they do.

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    College of Arts and Sciences

    The College of Arts and Sciences is home to some of the most innovative and award-winning programs on this campus, as well as those most rooted in our stand-out liberal arts tradition. Find out if the programs are in line with your passions and goals.

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