Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship Program

Invest in Wisconsin’s Best and Brightest

Since 1989, the Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship (WAES) program has provided annual scholarships of $2,250 to the top graduating students in Wisconsin’s high schools who enroll at any UW System school, state technical college or participating independent college.

How does it work?
  • You make an annual gift of $1,000 to establish a WAES scholarship in your name, which attracts matching dollars from additional state resources, doubling the value of your investment.  
  • You are paired with a particular scholarship recipient, who will have the opportunity to send you a personal note of thanks. 
  • You may also choose to establish an endowed WAES fund with a commitment of $25,000 over a five year period. This allows you to sponsor an outstanding student in perpetuity and be recognized as a leading contributor to academic excellence at UW-Eau Claire.

Help us keep the best and brightest students in Wisconsin, contributing to a healthy future for our state.

“Realistically, if not for the WAES scholarship, my decision to play soccer here would have been a difficult one. It has allowed me to balance my academic priorities with the time demands of representing UW-Eau Claire on the field without the stress of making monetary ends meet.”

Andrea Hull, Business Administration Major
Elementary students and Blugold Beginnings mentor

Amping up education

Thanks to community partnerships with companies like Xcel Energy, UW-Eau Claire is able to offer programs and high-impact practices for students and community members that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

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