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Blugold Beginnings Scholarship

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Educating and inspiring students, especially underrepresented, low income or first generation, to believe that a college education is important, attainable, and available at UW-Eau Claire is what Blugold Beginnings is all about.

A college education is only out of reach until someone believes in you and lifts you higher. You can fund a life-changing experience today by donating to Blugold Beginnings.

Educating and inspiring underrepresented, low-income or first- generation students to believe that a post-secondary education is important, attainable and available at UW-Eau Claire is what Blugold Beginnings is all about.   

This early intervention pairs fifth-graders with Blugold students who work with them through high school to promote college-going confidence with:

  • Mentoring and role models
  • Career exploration
  • College campus visits
  • Tutoring and study skills
  • Leadership skills
  • College planning
  • ACT preparation

Help someone dream big and make it happen today. Donate now

Without the tremendous support from our local partners, Blugold Beginnings would not be able to do the work that we do. Financial support will allow Blugold Beginnings to provide scholarships and opportunities to our Learning Community students.

Jodi Thesing-Ritter Executive Director for Diversity and Inclusion
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