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Blugold Radio/Converge 99.9 FM

Support Converge Radio

As a student-run radio station not funded through university or state dollars, Converge relies on private support from donors like you to sustain our operation and continue creating expanded educational opportunities for UW-Eau Claire students as well as new paths of discovery for the university and its audience. The unique ownership and mission allow 99.9 FM to focus on providing access to regional musicians and programming in addition to hands-on, high-impact learning experiences in a professional setting.

UW-Eau Claire hits the airwaves

Born through an incredibly generous donation of transmitter and frequency from Midwest Family Broadcasting to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation, Blugold Radio partners with UW-Eau Claire, Blugold Athletics, along with other key media and music partnerships in a mission to ensure local visibility, access and support. When you donate to Blugold Radio, your gift will support:

  • Student-produced programming
  • High-impact learning experiences
  • Campus and community collaboration 
  • Professional and career skill development for students
  • Equipment, music licensing and engineer expenses

Why Blugold Radio?

“It’s inspiring to see students collaborating every day with area musicians, actors, and writers while doing industry standard production. We are lucky enough to produce something relevant to the communities in our 110-mile broadcast region.”
-Scott Morfitt, station manager

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Cast recording "Bend in the River"

Blugold drama on the air

Blugold creativity was a driving force behind a new radio drama, “Bend in the River,” to air soon in the Chippewa Valley.

See the talent
A guitar from the collection of the late superstar Prince.

Come see Prince's guitars!

Blugold Radio, located a guitar string away from McIntyre Library, will hold a special grand opening celebration that will give UW-Eau Claire students, faculty, staff and the public the chance to admire two guitars from the collection of the Prince.

Learn more about Blugold Radio
Journalism student in campus radio studio

Gift strengthens Blugold signal

The gift of a radio station from Mid-West Family Broadcasting, Eau Claire to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation will mean expanded educational opportunities for UW-Eau Claire students and new avenues for university outreach to a wider audience.

A generous gift

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