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Mayo Clinic Health System Healing Reflections Mural

A storytelling collaboration

The Healing Reflections mural focuses on the historic nature of 2020. Those themes are centered on healing, resilience, inclusion, diversity, hope and economic hardship. Thank you to all the story tellers and artists who contributed to this project, which allows healing by gaining insight and understanding to another’s experience, and by validating their own experiences. We invite you to explore and learn more about the artwork, stories, and the humans behind each piece in the mural below.

Special thanks to members of the Healing Reflections Steering Committee:
     Todd Wright, M.D. | Orthopedic Surgery | Committee Chair
     Sara Martinek | Patient Experience | Administrative Lead
     Lori Haapala | Public Affairs
     Janelle Potter | Integrity and Compliance
     Jill Depke | Specialty Care
     Leonard Ezenagu, M.D. | Obstetrics and Gynecology
     Tracy Kennedy | Spiritual Care
     Michele Eberle | Administration
     Cindy Ming | Administration

Gordon Howie | Facilities Services
Robert Peck, M.D. | Psychiatry
Tina Tharp | Community Engagement and Wellness
Karen Myhre, M.D. | Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
Jodi Dotseth | Rehabilitation Services
Terri Luke | Medical-Surgical
Amy Schneider | Medical-Surgical
Patricia Kleine, Ph.D. | Provost at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

For more information about the Healing Reflections gallery or to get involved with the project, contact Sara Martinek.

Collage images of Healing Reflections gallery
Born to Love mixed media artwork created by Tom Burgraff
Born to Love by artist Tom Burgraff
     Chippewa Falls, WI
Story told by Chetna Mangat, M.D.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

Last year I was rounding in the hospital on all the newborn babies. There was some concern a one-day-old baby was not eating well. I told the nurse and the parents that we will keep a close eye on the baby, and if the baby does not pick up on the eating or if there are more symptoms, we would evaluate further...


Read more of Dr. Mangat's story that inspired Born to Love

Gracefulness artwork
Gracefulness by artist Meira Smit
     Colfax, WI
Story told by Celeana Gibbs, R.N.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

When Mayo Clinic Health System put out a call requesting employees to consider sharing their stories related to diversity and inclusion, I was hesitant. My opinion at the time was that it was not really a problem, and as a mixed woman my own experience had been very positive at Mayo. I listened to the first session and was frankly surprised and disheartened by the volunteer’s experiences with racism...


Read more of Celeana's story that inspired Gracefulness

Crack in Time photograph
Crack in Time by artist Mitchell Spencer
     Eau Claire, WI
Story told by Jessica Havenor, R.N.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

This summer I had noted the great disparity in staff’s degree of concern over the pandemic, some who were not worried in the slightest and others who were very anxious and worried.  I can confidently say that the surge was the great level-setter.  In our hospital it felt as if we went from having a couple COVID patients to having nearly all COVID patients overnight—it was surreal...


Read more of Jessica's story that inspired Crack in Time

Together, For You by artist Lori Chilefone
     Eau Claire, WI
Story told by Melissa Larson, R.N.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

As we went through initial rapid change in our practice it was evident how much face-to-face interaction with our patients and their family is appreciated. It showed us how much we value that type of interaction. When posed with trying care in new ways whether it is a modified face-to-face visit or a virtual visit by phone or video, we realized we could still provide care, just not in the same way it was previously done...


Read more of Melissa's story that inspired Together, For You

Under the Same Sun mixed media on wrapped gallery canvas


Under the Same Sun
Story and art by Pa Kou Lee, C.O.A.     
     Mayo Clinic Health System

The nights were getting longer and I could feel myself sinking, struggling to keep my head above the waves of change and my own emotions, and struggling to carry what felt like boulders in my chest. I couldn’t help but cry. It was one more little thing to add to the darkness of 2020, the coming winter nights that seemed to last forever...


Read more of Pa Kou's story and creation of Under the Same Sun

Behind Every Mask mixed media art
Behind Every Mask is a Story by artist Tracy Kennedy
     Mayo Clinic Health System
Stories told by Todd Comstock, R.N.; Celestine Odenigbo, M.D.; and Ivana Federiuk, R.N.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

I chose to paint each story into one painting, because as I listened to each story, I heard one beautiful song. It was not a song meant to be heard as a solo, but a choir, with each story affecting the harmony of Resilience & Hope. We all hold a vital piece to this mosaic which makes tapestry of humanity.  The viewer is aware of how each story is part of the mosaic tapestry...

Read more of the stories that inspired Behind Every Mask is a Story

Real Faces, Real People art on cavas
Cora, Corona, and Care by artist Kathy Schmiedeskamp
     Mayo Clinic Health System
Story told by Cora Smiskey, E.M.T.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

Part of my job in the ER is being the lead tech, which involves working with equipment and supplies. On March 17, 2020 I received a message asking if I could come in the following day to talk about room surging. That was when things started to become real and that maybe something really was going to happen...


Read more of Cora's story that inspired Cora, Corona, and Care

Hope painting of heart butterfly
Stone of Hope by artist Susan Walsh
     Mayo Clinic Health System
Story told by Aimee Nelson, P.A.-C.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

I have a young child who is almost five. At the beginning of the pandemic, he was about four. I work in the emergency room, so we work weekends, nights and holidays. That type of schedule can be challenging any time. During the pandemic, it got much tougher, not knowing what was going to happen and how things would need to be adjusted...


Read more of Aimee's story that inspired A Stone of Hope

Pieces of the Puzzle painting
Pieces of the Puzzle by artist Emma Ozark
     Menomonie, WI
Stories told by Jennifer Johnson, D.O. & Marvin Whitman
     Mayo Clinic Health System

Nurses, doctors, janitors, and other essential medial staff come from all different kinds of backgrounds but still all connect under the common goal of helping others, and thus are important "pieces" to the "puzzle" of the lives of coworkers and patients. Although some pieces are now gone from the puzzle, the memories of those people remain in the hearts of families and caretakers...


Read more of Jennifer and Marvin's stories that inspired Pieces of the Puzzle

A collage of images that are a part of the following collection
Geometric Heart digital art by Brandon Hidaka

Geometric Heart by artist Brandon Hidaka, M.D., Ph.D.     Mayo Clinic Health System

This geometric-patterned heart reflects the repetitive nature of our COVID days, devoid of milestone celebrations to mark the passage of time. Working from home, weekdays blur into weekends, giving us a Groundhog’s-Day-type feeling...

COMING SOON! More of Dr. Hidaka's story that inspired Geometric Heart

Together digital art by Claire Dronen

Together by artist Claire Dronen
     Menomonie, WI
Story told by Sue Cullinan, M.D.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

I remember my first very sick COVID patient. He had been ill for seven days and now was even more short of breath and came to the Emergency Department to be seen. It was a different shortness of breath than chronic obstructive pulmonary disease {COPD} or congestive heart failure labored breathing. He was able to speak full sentences, yet he became very winded with any activity...

More of Dr. Cullinan's story that inspired Together

Rioting Realization digital art by Grace McEllistrem

From the News to Your Front Door by artist Grace McEllistrem
     Eau Claire, WI
Story told by Reggie Estrella, P.T.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

On the night of May 28, 2020, I texted my good friend David and asked if he and his family needed a safe place to stay. David lives in Minneapolis and was somewhat close to the rioting that was occurring following the death of George Floyd. David texted back saying that he was grateful for the offer but felt that the danger was a few miles away and that he and his family would be safe...

More of Reggie's story that inspired From the News to Your Front Door

Leading Through Struggle digital art by Henry Loomis

The Poem of the Swallowtail by artist Henry Loomis
     Eau Claire, WI
Story told by Sandy Dahl, P.A.-C.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

I want to provide some background how COVID relates to me, my background, its impact on a personal level. I am married with two children. One who graduated this year and the other who is a senior and started his first year of college. There have been challenges with graduation and challenges being a freshman in college and having all that excitement pulled out from underneath you...

More of Sandy's story that inspired The Poem of the Swallowtail

Empathy digital art by Jenny Lau

Story and art by Jenny Lau, O.D.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

This was a piece to describe the need to help each other. During this time there was a lot of frustration and fear as there was a large trend in hospitalized patients coming into hospitals all around the country. Although a doctor may represent the one who heals, we also need healing ourselves....

More of Dr. Lau's story that inspired Empathy

Lung painting on canvas by Krista Holbrook

All Hands In artist Kirsten Holbrook
     Mayo Clinic Health System


COMING SOON! Stories from the Respiratory Therapy group that inspired All Hands In

Blue Skies Ahead art by Morgan Depke

Blue Skies Ahead by artist Morgan Depke
     Eau Claire, WI
Story told by Stephanie Koepp, O.T.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

About a month and a half after COVID-19 began showing up in Wisconsin, I found a lump in my breast during a self-exam. I was seen the same day at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire and had imaging performed. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ and stage IV invasive ductal carcinoma as the cancer was also found in a lymph node on the opposite side of the cancer...

More of Stephanie's story that inspired Blue Skies Ahead

The Cloud Emotions of Covid art by Riley Lehman

The Cloud Emotions of Covid by artist Riley Lehman
     Menomonie, WI
Story told by Anna Lehman, P.A.-C.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

It’s not hard for any of us to rattle the ways in which COVID-19 has affected our lives; it has not spared anyone.  There are too many ways to count in which I have been frustrated, scared, angry, and annoyed at COVID-19. But, there have also been silver linings, and I’m choosing to focus on those for my reflections...

More of Anna's story that inspired The Cloud Emotions of Covid

Mental Health Check digital artwork created by Winter Omodth

Mental Health Check by artist Winter Omodth
     Eau Claire, WI
Story told by Dan Tainter, R.N.
     Mayo Clinic Health System

As a social individual, diving head first into a pandemic meant more alone time - an unfamiliar concept for me. The lifestyle changes required in the wake of the pandemic has led to less time with friends, less time with family, more time at home, more time in my own head...

More of Dan's story that inspired Mental Health Check